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The Language of Love

by Diwa Reyes 10 Feb 2024
the language of love

Do you know there are different ways we express love?

Your Fragrance Preference says a lot about your Love Language

Physical intimacy is the most straightforward language of love. While there are degrees to which different cultures encourage the public display of affection, we all understand how vital it is for people to share physical intimacy and satisfaction.

Showing affirmation and appreciation verbally is another language of love. If physical love is as impactful as a thunderstorm, affirmation is like a beautiful drizzle; it goes on and on and strengthens relations and cements understanding between people.

Giving a gift has often been called the most artful language of love, for it can be as impactful as physical love and as enduring as affirmation.

Take, for example, the gift of a watch. The recipient can take one look at his/her watch and will constantly be reminded of the love the giver showed. Gifting has been very much a part of human culture, and it is practiced all over the world every single minute.  One can give a convenient gift, such as food, or the most impractical one, such as a sign dropped from an airplane that says: “I love you, Emily.” Regardless of its monetary value, gifting always blends intention and action to express, beyond a doubt, the endless love one feels for another.

Romance Refillable Ceramic Candle Diffuser Collection

-Blueme Romance - Oakmoss & Sandalwood - Candles and Diffusers

As we look forward to Valentine’s Day, what does a Blueme fragranced candle say about your language of love?


 Balance Refillable Candle

"I am settled and feel at home whenever you are around"

Calm Refillable Balance Candle

"You make me whole"

Romance Refillable Candle

"My heart beats faster when you are near"

Focus Refillable Candle

"I can’t take my eyes off of you"

Spiritual Refillable Candle

"Let’s start our journey together"

Festive Refillable Candle

"Every day is a holiday when I am with you"


Let us help you with your language of love…

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Blueme Fragrance

“Blueme,” means “a moment for me.”

Our exploration extended to the realm of design, luxury, and art, drawing inspiration from Asian aesthetics and Zen teachings- that nature in its most perfect form is always imperfect, and that less is more.

Blending nature’s imperfect perfection with minimalist design, each candle in our collection resides within a handcrafted, pedestaled ceramic vessel. Our aim is simple - to provide you with a moment of self-discovery and tranquility. With Blueme, we proudly invite you to heal, restore, and connect. Join us on this journey as we continue to unlock more unique scents and their incredible benefits.

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