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Mei is a candle genius

I love the balance scent so much.

Beautiful candle!

Beautiful candle and I love the smell!

Love the beautiful candles!

Medium Candle + Recandle (Refill) Mix and Match

Just ordered. Love the look of the candle and that it is refillable!

Mother's Day Votives: Balance, Focus, Renew, Nostalgia

I noticed this on the top mother's day gifts bloomingdale's guide. I ordered the votive set and the individual candle. Pretty box, perfect for gifting!

Mother's Day Renew Ceramic Refillable Candle Ivy & Rose
Renew Ivy and Rose

My favorite fragrance in the collection!

Mother's Day Renew Ceramic Refillable Candle Ivy & Rose
Just arrived

Can’t wait to gift this! The gift box is beautiful. Arrived in 3 days.

Mother's Day Renew Ceramic Refillable Candle Ivy & Rose
Mom loves it (gave early)

Ordered for Mother's Day, wasn't sure if she would like it so I gave it to her early, she loves it.

Mother's Day Votives: Balance, Focus, Renew, Nostalgia
Marla Grossman
elegant votive set

I had already bought the new year 4 votive set and got so many compliments. Love the size and shape of the small ceramic votives!

Mother's Day Renew Ceramic Refillable Candle Ivy & Rose
Mathew Pargament
Refillable gift for mom

My mom doesn't like waste, and so I plan to gift this to her for mother's day. I know she will love the refillable aspect. I ordered it on Thursday and it arrived today!

Mother's Day Votives: Balance, Focus, Renew, Nostalgia
Jake C.
4 popular fragrances, cute set

I like this set as it has 4 of the most popular fragrances and it's a cute little set to put out during a party on a kitchen island or bar area.

Mother's Day Renew Ceramic Refillable Candle Ivy & Rose
Jamila F.
Dew Rose and White Peony

I ordered this for myself as it is on sale for mother's day. Two of my favorite floral scents are in this candle. It burns very cleanly and fills my room really quickly. The ceramic vessel feels very sturdy and quality made and I'm looking forward to order a refill for it once it burns through. The packaging is as beautiful as the candle itself!

Mother's Day Renew Ceramic Refillable Candle Ivy & Rose
Jane H.
Gifting to mom

Love the limited edition packaging on this candle. I own a couple other Blueme candles (Balance and Calm) and got this one for my mother. It arrived in just 4 days.

The most elegant diffuser

I’m in love with this diffuser. The ceramic simple yet elegant look to it goes well in my home. I also have a Nostalgia candle, it’s my favorite fragrance in the collection.

My new favorite diffuser!

I have bought many diffusers over the years but none have spread the fragrance across my home like this one! It’s been two weeks and I haven’t even needed to flip my reeds yet. The fragrance makes me feel a sense of calm and balance just as the name.

Perfect for Winter

This is the perfect scent for winter and I love how the vessel is reusable and you can order whatever scents you’d like!

Wonderful warm smell

I love the smell of this candle. Warm, romantic, perfect for Valentine day!

Beautiful candle

Beautiful candle and the scent is great. Not too strong but just enough. Will purchase again!

My new favorite candle!

I discovered these candles at Bloomingdale's and must say it is my new favorite! I've bought many candles and fragrances from all typical brands out there, but nothing comes close to the quality of scent of this candle. I like to place it next to my piano and enjoy the aromas while I play. The scent is truly exquisite. The candle holder itself is extremely well made and piece of art itself - like a sculpture. I look forward to reusing it over and over.

Bright, zesty, and calming

My boyfriend and I are obsessed with this candle. I've never known him to be a candle person before, but something about this combination of the eucalyptus (fresh, bright) and the lime (zesty, energizing) makes this an awesome candle to burn for all hours. It's great for the evening to settle into a post-dinner reading session, or while cooking, or just hanging out on the weekend.

Love this unique blend!

Smells like a hike through the woods

Just a divine scent, like standing in a magical damp forest. Smells like christmas trees and wooded forest and fresh forest air all wrapped in one. Truly elevating and calming experience!

This is awesome

Love this candle, from the look of the ceramic to the heavenly scent.

Beautiful candle

Love the candle! Beautiful design and the smell is wonderful!

Blueme Balance - I love it!

December is near. Holiday is in the air. The air at my home is the perfect Balance of Blueme.

The blend of White Lotus and Tea is just the character - sweetly alluring but not overwhelming.

The wax is pure. The wick burns clean. I love it!

I love the white and jasmine tea fragrance notes!!

The fragrance is very nostalgic and I can't get enough of it!
The large sized candle is great for ambiance and is strong enough to fill several rooms with fragrance. I've ordered the nostalgia recandle already!
The packaging is sturdy and I find it hard to let it go. I was recommended the Balance candle by the fragrance quiz, and I look forward to the second recommendation.