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Mei's Holiday Gift Guide

by Diwa Reyes 13 Dec 2023

Here are Mei's top picks for this season!

Here is a handpicked selection of awesome presents that'll have your loved ones doing happy dances.
Picture this: thoughtful gifts with a sprinkle of luxury—because everyone deserves a little extra sparkle during the holidays! Focusing on wellness products and maybe a shameless plug, our collection is like a treasure trove of great finds.
Gifting is about sharing moments and creating memories. So, dive into our holiday gift guide and let's make this season one for the books!

 Mei's Holiday Gift Guide

APOTHEKARY - Chill the F* Out

Chill the F* Out

Now it isn't in my nature to use such language but I will say that it certainly delivers.
Find out more about the product on the Apothekary website below/
CEREMONIA - Leave in Conditioner

Guava Leave-In Conditioner

Pairing the leave in conditioner together with their scalp massager just leaves any kind of hair feeling fresh, new, and healthy!
But don't take my word for it, their reviews speak for themselves.
Blueme Large Candle

Large Candle (Nostalgia)

I would be a terrible business person if I didn't plug my own product. But in all honesty, the single best piece of feedback we've received was,
- I can't believe such a large candle is refillable at that price -
We take sustainability seriously and want you to experience all the joys of home fragrance without the waste. 
OMAD - Facial Masks

4. OMAD -
Facial Masks

Two of the big villains in the skin care world are time and dryness. You can take on both with these easy-to-use facemasks that I swear make me age backwards. All kinds of facial treatments have been utilizing putty facemasks forever, and now they have never been easier to apply and clean up. Good-bye sink stains.
APOTHEKARY Rose Colored Glasses

Rosé-Tinted Glasses

Maybe it's double-dipping but I had to go with a second product from APOTHEKARY for opposite reasons. Sometimes you need a boost but caffeine and other enhancers have left you with headaches and poor sleep... Look no futher.
SEEN Conditioner

6. SEEN -
Skin-caring Conditioner

While not falling behind the CEREMONIA conditioner, the SEEN shampoo and conditioner combination is one word - perfect. 
(AND its available fragrance free)

Recandle Promotion


Until 12/23, Blueme is giving out Recandles when you purchase 2 candles of the same size. This means that if you purchase 2 giant candles, your $100 giant Recandle is free!

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Our exploration extended to the realm of design, luxury, and art, drawing inspiration from Asian aesthetics and Zen teachings- that nature in its most perfect form is always imperfect, and that less is more.

Blending nature’s imperfect perfection with minimalist design, each candle in our collection resides within a handcrafted, pedestaled ceramic vessel. Our aim is simple - to provide you with a moment of self-discovery and tranquility. With Blueme, we proudly invite you to heal, restore, and connect. Join us on this journey as we continue to unlock more unique scents and their incredible benefits.

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