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The Power of Scents

by Diwa Reyes 21 Nov 2023

Travel the World of Memories with Your Nose

Our Candles Will Bring You Back in Time.

Scents can transport us to a place or time buried deeply in our memories, allow us to taste and detect flavors, and even affect our mood, emotions, and cognition.
-Blueme Nostalgia Candles and Diffusers
When we smell something, the olfactory receptors in our nose can detect these scents because the odorant molecules we inhale attach to specific receptor proteins. This leads to signals being transmitted to the olfactory bulb in the brain, where basic odor information is processed. The processed signals are further relayed to other brain regions for higher-level processing of olfactory information, such as the olfactory cortex and the limbic system. The olfactory cortex plays a critical role in recognizing and making sense of odors, allowing us to distinguish different scents. Meanwhile, the limbic system, particularly structures like the amygdala and hippocampus, receives input from the olfactory cortex and integrates it into emotional and memory-related processes. Linking specific odors to emotional experiences and memories makes the sense of smell a complex and emotionally charged sensory experience. 
Many tend to underestimate the power of scents. It can transport you to a specific place, time, or remind you of someone special. Which fragrance reminds you of someone?⁠

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Blueme Fragrance

“Blueme,” means “a moment for me.”

Our exploration extended to the realm of design, luxury, and art, drawing inspiration from Asian aesthetics and Zen teachings- that nature in its most perfect form is always imperfect, and that less is more.

Blending nature’s imperfect perfection with minimalist design, each candle in our collection resides within a handcrafted, pedestaled ceramic vessel. Our aim is simple - to provide you with a moment of self-discovery and tranquility. With Blueme, we proudly invite you to heal, restore, and connect. Join us on this journey as we continue to unlock more unique scents and their incredible benefits.

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